Transfer Students

Application information for students who are currently enrolled in high school at the time of application. 


Signature School is an Indiana Charter School. Any child who is qualified for admission to an Indiana public school is qualified for tuition-free admission to Signature School. Signature School will accept applications from current Indiana residents and from students who state in writing that they will be residents of Indiana by the June 1 date preceding the start of the school year and who subsequently prove such Indiana residency by such date. Signature School will not discriminate or restrict admissions based upon ability, race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, limited English proficiency, or income level.   

Application Deadlines

The open application period for students who seek to enroll at Signature School and who are enrolled in high school elsewhere at the time of application began at 7:00 AM CT on Tuesday, November 7, 2023. Upperclassman applicants will be placed on a waitlist (by grade level) in the order the application is received.

Application Form

8th Grade & Prospective Student Open House

The 8th Grade and Prospective Student Open House was held on Monday, November 6, 2023. If you missed the Open House and would like more information about Signature School, please call 812-421-1820.