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Sig's College Visit Process:

  • Signature School juniors and seniors are encouraged to visit the campuses of colleges and universities in which they are interested.  A reasonable number of excused absences will be allowed for students who visit campuses for scheduled information sessions, tours, and/or interviews.
  • Students are expected to make arrangements with their teachers prior to making these visits.  They are to communicate with their teachers well in advance of their trips and schedule times to make up all missed work.  Failure to do so may result in the student receiving no credit for missed assignments, quizzes, tests, or projects.
  • Students and parents/guardians must complete the form below and return to Miss Muehlbauer one week prior to being out.  Trips arranged with less than a week's notice must be cleared by Mrs. Hitchcock or Ms. Dixon.  Failure to complete the form in advance will result in the absence being considered unexcused.
  • Immediately upon return to Signature, students are required to show Miss Muehlbauer dated proof of having visited the campus (e.g. validated parking lot ticket, etc.)

Questions to Ask at Your College Visit:

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