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Signature's College Visit Process:

  • Signature School juniors and seniors are encouraged to visit the campuses of colleges and universities in which they are interested. A reasonable number of excused absences will be allowed for students who visit campuses for scheduled information sessions, tours, and/or interviews.
  • Students and parents/guardians must complete the College Visit Form and return to Mrs. White one week prior to being out. Trips arranged with less than a week's notice must be cleared by Mrs. Hitchcock. Failure to complete the form in advance will result in the absence being considered unexcused.
  • Students are expected to make arrangements with their teachers prior to making these visits. They are to communicate with their teachers well in advance of their trips and schedule times to make up all missed work. Failure to do so may result in the student receiving no credit for missed assignments, quizzes, tests, or projects.
  • Immediately upon return to Signature, students are required to show Mrs. White dated proof of having visited the campus (e.g. letter from admissions office, dated itinerary, validated college parking lot ticket, etc.)




Big Future by College Board - How to Get Started, Find Colleges, Explore Careers, Pay for College, Get In, and Make a Plan

Learn More - Plan, Prepare, and Pay for college completion and career success

Senior Year Checklist

College Board/SAT – Plan for college, register and prepare for the SAT  

ACT – Plan for college, register and prepare for the ACT




Parchment -  make an account to control transcript requests

CommonApp – make an account to apply to over 900 participating colleges

Coalition Application – some colleges use this instead of CommonApp

College Essay Tips




FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) – opens each Oct. 1 for the next college year

CSS Profile - a supplemental financial aid application that some colleges require

Big Future by College Board



ScholarTrack - ScholarTrack is a one-stop shop for guiding Hoosier students and families through the process of applying for and maintaining state-based financial aid. *NOTE: 21st Century Scholars also use ScholarTrack to meet the Scholar Success Program requirement.




Letter of Recommendation for College Applications  Sig School Teacher Letter of Recommendation Request Form for College Applications

Letter of Recommendation for Scholarships  Sig School Teacher Letter of Recommendation Request Form for Scholarships

Request for Scholarship Nomination

Transcript Request Form

College Questions and Answers Grid